Dimensional Capabilities

Micrometers (Outside Micrometers(Blade, Ball, Groove, Tube, Pitch, etc., Inside Micrometers),


Internal Measurements (Thread Ring Gages,  NPT Thread Ring Gages, NPT Plain Ring Gages, Step Gages, Plain Ring Gages)

External Measurements - Length Standards, Plain Plug Gages, Thread Plug Gages, Plug Gage Sets, Precision Ball Sets, Thread Wire Sets, NPT Thread Plug Gages, Gage Blocks, Fatigue Gages, Radius Gages)

Indicators (Drop Indicators, Spindle type Dial Indicators, Lever Type Dial Indicators, Digital Indicators)

Flatness and Level (Protractors, Surface Plates, Electronic Levels, Bubble Levels)

Electrical Capabilities

AC/DC Voltage Measurement - 1,000 V* (Power Supplies, Battery Chargers)
AC/DC Current Measurement - Upto 20 A* (Power Supplies, Battery Chargers)
Temperature Measurement - -250 to 2316°C* (Temperature Calibrators, Ovens, Freezers, Baths, Chart Recorders, Data Loggers)
Resistance Measurement - Up To and Including 1 Gohm* (Decade Resistors, Resistors)
Frequency Measurement - Up To and Including 26.5 GHz* (Frequency Generators, Stop Watches, Tachometers)

AC/DC Voltage Source - Up To and Including 1,100 V* (Multimeters, Voltmeters)
AC/DC Current Source - Up To and Including 20.5 A (1025 A Clamp)* (Multimeters, Ammeters)
Capacitance Source - Up To and Including 110 mF* (Multimeters, Capactance Meters)
Resistance Source - 1 Tohm* (Multimeters, Ohmmeters)
Temperature Source - -250 to 2316°C* (Multimeters, Hand Held Thermometers, Freezer Alarms, Chart Recorders, Data Loggers, Temperature Indicators, Temperature Controllers)
Frequency Source - Up To and Including 26.5 GHz*

Mechanical Capabilities

Torque Measurement - Up To and Including 2,000 ft-lb* (Torque Wrenches, Drivers, and Watches)
Torque Source - Up To and Including 2,000 ft-lb* (Torque Analyzers)
Pressure Measurement - Up To and Including 10,000 psig* (Pressure Gauges, Hyrolic Mules, Transmitters, Transducers, Presses)
Vacuum Measurement - Upto 30 in-Hg* (Vacuum Gages)
Liquid Flow - Upto 60 GPM (Hydrolic Mules)
Gas Flow - Upto 250 slpm
Force (Compression and Tension) - Upto 50,000 lbs* (Force Gages, Shipping Scales, Counting Scales, Crane Scales, Tensiometers, Balances, Durometers, Load Cells)

Thermodynamic Capabilities

Temperature - -250 to 2316°C* (Hand Held Thermometers, Freezer Alarms, Ovens, Data Loggers, Thermocouple Wire, Temperature Indicators, Temperature Controllers)
IR Temperature - 35 to 500°C* (IR Laser Thermometers)

Environmental Mapping - (Freezers, Ovens, Environmental Chambers, Autoclaves, Bath, Entire Rooms) - Up to 60 points availble

Why Choose Us?

Strong Business History - M & M Metrology has been in business since 1999 and has consistantly grown year over year in customer volume, calibrations, and experiance. Most of our growth has been word of mouth or our Points of Contacts changing to new companies.

Always In-Compliance - All Calibrations are in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017  ||  ANSI/NCSL Z540-1:1994  ||  ISO 10012-1-1992  ||  ISO 10012- 2003  ||  ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002, Aerospace Standard  ||  9100 Revision A, Section 1, AS9100 Revision B, Clause 7.6  ||  ISO 9001/9002:1994, Aerospace Standard AS9100 Revision A, Section 2, Clause 4.11  ||  MIL-Std 45662A  ||  ISO/TS 16949 Revision 2 Clause 7.6  ||  United Technologies PW-QA 6077J (10/10/95), “Measurement System Requirements”  ||  21CFR820.72 and 21CFR58.63 FDA Quality System Regulation Support  ||  M & M Metrology Quality Program.

Recognized Accredition - We are Accredited through A2LA which is one of the few Accreditation Bodies certified and recognized by ILAC in the United States to certify Calibration Laboratories.  A2LA performs full audits and do not allow the "Honor System" approach allowed through unrecognized Accredition Bodies used by other area Calibration Laboratories. You may believe that simply using an accredited Calirbation Laboratory is enough, but using a Calibration Laboratory that is not recognized through ILAC opens you up to auditing issues and may put your ISO compliance at risk - that wont happen with us.

Total Customer Support - Our staff has always made time in the past and will continue into the future to speak directly with your auditors if questions arise and have your back when auditors attempt to impose ambiguous and opinion orientated requirements on you.

Our Solution

There are area labs with prices that are well below what we can offer. We are not that type of Calibration Laboratory. We send our Calibration Standards only to Calibration Laboratory with the best track records and that sometimes comes at a premium. Companies that are interested in price over quality and reputation have many area Calibration Labs to choose from, we are here to service the Companies seeking Quality, Reputation, and Price.
Our advertised Turn-Around is 10 business days. Many of our larger jobs (up to and exceeding 100 items) receive Turn-Around times of 5 business days on average and many small jobs are completed in 2 business days. If you need an expediated Turn-Around, let us know, most of the time we can accomidate expediate without a charge, workload permitting.
M & M Metrology is a private veteran owned small business with over 80 years of combined experiance in the Dimensional, Electrical, Mechanical, and Thermodynamic calibration. Over our 17 year history, we have supplemented our hands on knowledge by sending our technicans to training classes and hosting personal for On-Site training from top manufacturturers such as Fluke, Ametek, and Pratt and Whittney MEasurement Systems. In addition, we have acquired numerious international standards to supplement our knowledge of complex equipment to ensure we maintain proficiency in calibration all equipment.
We are alwats reviewing newly released documentation relating to calibration to ensure all equipment is calibrated correctly and functioning accurately and effecently. We do this to both keep our technicans up to date and our costs low. Over our 17 years, our consistant alalysis of our procedures and process have helped us efficently calibrate equipment and have only had one general price increase.

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